Ode to Dan the Man

The Cover of the Boxer ReviewI was his Dad, he was my baby.

Among a litter of nine pups, I immediately took notice of a perfectly formed head, with the black mask, touch of white and a coat of deep, red fawn. At that moment, I knew my childhood dream of owning a champion Boxer would come true.

As he grew, his elegant movements contributed to his title of champion-in-the-ring; at home, his spirited personality earned him the nickname, Mr. Mischief-of-the-yard.

Devoted to his home and family he was always on guard to protect them from the U.P.S. man at the front door, and battles with the rabbit, raccoons, skunks and neighbor cat in his backyard. No one dar trespass unless it was a bitch in heat, and on those planned occasions, Dan knew his life to be complete.

Oh, how he loved his rides in the car, with his head protruding through the sun roof, especially when he was ridding to a "doggie show". Dan relished the applause, the competition, always giving two hundred percent. Never wavering, always there in the final count, whenever he competed against the other great Boxers of his time. He was not just Dan The Man, he was Dan The Showman.

He overcame much in his life: bloat, near blindness, but never letting it bother him. Always living life to his fullest; always smiling, always giving his love and constant kisses, whenever he saw you.

His family will miss the moment of his joie de vivre, as he flung his stuffed toys across midair to collide with chandeliers and various table top adornments. Or when he shared the holiday spirit, wanting to assist anyone who held a box wrapped with festive paper and ribbon. Always aware that he, too, had a present or more of his own to unwrap.

How quiet dinner time will be without the cry of "I love you, Mommy." He never would just "speak", he would "talk" ... he was truly unique.

At the end he went to sleep on the carpet next to Dad's chair in the den. It was his favorite place to dream of show rings, runs-in-the-yard and unwrapped presents. He left our world peaceful and content, knowing that he had been, in his ten and one-half years, truly, Dan The Man.

Oh, how we miss him, but oh, how his spirit lives forever, filled with the many memories of love, laughter and life. He was so special!

I was his dad, he was my baby.

August 1, 1987-March 10, 1998


Three Mischevious Pups!


These little  butts creating mischief in Sydney's backyard (and her prized ferns) belong to (left to right) Caymans Goodtime Charlie, Ch Caymans Dapper Dan and Ch Caymans Wandering Star.


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